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Guangzhou Yuxing Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. 86-185-8925-8190
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We focus on Eco Paper Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, Custom Printed Paper Bags, Personalized Paper Bags products and so on

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China Guangzhou Yuxing Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yuxing Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yuxing Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd., A professional manufacturer of eco-friendly paper bags located in Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, close to the Baiyun Airport. At Yuxing Printing & Packaging, we specialize in using advanced machinery to create high-quality paper bags that are environmentally friendly. Our products are made of high quality and with attention to detail, ensuring that they meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our company employs 50 staff members, of which more than half are highly skilled technicians. Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the principle of prioritizing quality and service. We are certified with ISO9001 and FSC Forest Certification, which allow us to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. We are ...

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